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Save time and effort for the Accounting/Human Resources department when creating and sending monthly payslips and receipts. Support businesses in the digital transformation process and move towards a paperless office. With emPL, information of thousands of salary slips and receipts will be automatically extracted from the aggregated Excel file and sent to each recipient via email or Zalo. All with just one click.


Key features

Automate and simplify the tedious and repetitive tasks of the accounting and human resources staff

Send payslips and receipts in bulk via email or Zalo

emPL creates and sends payslips, receipts with unlimited quantities. Extract information directly from payroll spreadsheets or customer lists, create PDF files and send to each employee with just one click.

Create encrypted PDF payslips

Create payslips, receipts in PDF file format - prevent editing and secure with a password. The attached PDF file is sent in email with customized title and content or sent via Zalo message.

Pick your own security level

The payslip password is randomly generated and sent as a separate email or Zalo, ensuring standard security requirements. emPL also provides flexible password options based on customer needs.

Simple setup, reasonable cost

Set up the payslip or receipt configuration only once. Free templates are available with standard information fields. Personalize with the service of designing payslips and receipt according to your requirements.

3 simple steps to create and

send payslip


Step 1

Upload the excel file from your computer to the software


Step 2

The software will extract the data from the Excel file and let you verify the information before sending.


Step 3

Choose the recipient list and click "Pack and Send". The software will handle the rest and notify you when all the payslips have been delivered to the employees.


Price list for emPL account license

* Refer to emPL detailed price list and contact us for the best support


Comments and reviews from customers using emPL software

testimonial 1

“Since using emPL software, our Accounting Department has saved a lot of time and effort. The software has a friendly interface, is easy to use, and the email sending system is fast and stable. In addition, our employees can also look up salary information of previous periods accurately and conveniently. I feel very satisfied with this software.”

Lam Thi Ngung

Accounting Department - Shogo Vietnam Joint Stock Company

testimonial 2

“I find emPL software simple to operate and easy to use. Since switching to sending salary slips via emPL, we have saved time and money. Salary information is sent accurately and with high security.”

Vu Thi Kieu Oanh

GAHR Department - Minebea Access Solutions Vietnam Co., Ltd

Frequently asked questions

Do you have concerns about emPL? We have the answer for you

No. emPL does not collect or use any personal information of users. We do not connect to any other servers or databases. All data and settings are stored directly on the customer's computer.

If you choose to send payslips or receipts via email, all data and configurations are saved directly on your computer.

With the option to send via Zalo, data will be shared with Zalo and subject to Zalo's data security conditions.

Currently emPL is updating the online payment feature. Customers please contact us for expert advice and payment instructions.

Yes. With each registered account, emPL can be installed and used on multiple desktops and laptops. When users want to switch to another device, just download or copy the installation from the old device.

Don't worry. When the software is running and suddenly turned off, all data will be preserved. The payslips or receipts that have been sent successfully have the status "OK"; those that have not been sent successfully have the status "NA".

When you want to continue, just reopen the software, select the recipients you want to send and click "Pack and send".

Yes. Just register for a Zalo OA account and configure emPL to connect with your Zalo OA, emPL allows you to simply send salary payslips recipients and in bulk via Zalo messages.

The emPL has the right to change the service price schedule in the future in case of contract renewal or new service purchase. However, we have a discount policy for loyal customers.

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